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Custom, single page web design, for charities and businesses is a sister site of SuspireMedia. We design and develop, websites for charities and business.


So what exactly is a Microsite?

Spoiler alert! You're looking at one now.

A microsite is a meticulously designed, bespoke, single-page website with a distinct purpose and focus.

It serves as a dedicated promotional tool, commonly accessed through a parent website or a unique domain name. Microsites are generally packed with impressive features, have fast loading times, and look great on desktop and mobile.

Furthermore they are tailored to fulfil the specific needs of your campaign or promotional endeavours.

Each microsite is expertly branded to maintain a consistent visual experience that aligns with your identity and parent website. Instead of 'pages', microsites often have 'scroll-to-sections' that display strategically placed content on the page.

All Microsites packages come with optional support plans.

The benefits of a single page website

A custom microsite provides an immersive, focussed experience

A custom single page website provides a focused and immersive online experience for specific campaigns or initiatives, allowing charities and businesses to highlight key messages, products, or events with precision and impact. Organisations can target niche audiences more effectively with a microsite, tailoring content and design to their specific interests and preferences, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Microsites also offer the advantage of being easily shareable and linkable, enabling businesses to amplify their online presence and drive traffic from various channels, including social media, email marketing, and digital advertising.

Updating next year's project is convenient and affordable

Whether you are preparing for an imminent appeal, product launch, conference, or campaign, a microsite solution presents an unrivalled combination of flexibility and value. Powered by an intuitive CMS (Content Management System), you can effortlessly tailor sections and content, allowing you to re-shape your latest message with seamless precision.

Our carefully crafted streamlined process ensures a seamless journey, sparing you unnecessary hassle while maximising the value of your investment. A microsite provides a fast way to modify your latest project, allowing you to focus on your goals and budget.

Why choose to use a Microsite?

Adaptable single page websites with a wide range of applications

Microsites are extremely versatile, they're faster to develop than a regular website and seamlessly adapt to a multitude of applications that amplify your specific project, cause or business. Below we have listed several effective example microsite strategies that might just work for you.

  • Sell events tickets and receive donations

    Sell events tickets and receive donations

  • Embed Google Maps

    Embed Google Maps

  • Add images and galleries

    Add images and galleries

  • Display interactive graphs and charts

    Display interactive graphs and charts

  • Embed audio and Youtube/Vimeo video

    Embed audio and Youtube/Vimeo video

  • All easily managed using ProcessWire CMS

    All easily managed using ProcessWire CMS

Versatile deployment options

Microsites are fantastic tools for effectively promoting upcoming events, showcasing new products, disseminating annual reports, or raising awareness about charity campaigns or appeals.

Example Microsites

Publish your annual report

A greener way to share your annual report

Instead of creating a traditional, costly paper-based annual report, perhaps it's more efficient and cost-effective to opt for a single-page microsite. By leveraging the power of digital technology, a single-page microsite offers a modern and streamlined approach to disseminating important information. This innovative solution not only reduces expenses associated with printing and distribution but also allows for enhanced accessibility and interactivity.

Share your conference details

Display event speaker timetable and sell tickets

A microsite is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for providing comprehensive information about this year's conference. By utilising a microsite, you can enhance the attendee experience by incorporating various interactive elements that will engage and inform your audience. In addition to informational content, a microsite can also enable attendees to conveniently book conference tickets online using a third party such as EventBrite. This feature simplifies the registration process, allowing participants to easily secure their spot at the event with just a few clicks.

Promote campaigns and increase fundraising

Enhance specific campaigns and enable donations

A campaign microsite is a strategically designed, single-page website that serves as a dedicated promotional tool. It functions as an effective fundraising platform, allowing visitors to explore your charity's mission, watch informative videos, contribute donations, and gain insights into how their donations make a meaningful impact. Donations can be made via various third party systems such as Donorbox, JustGiving, GoDonate, PayPal and CAF.

Announce new products or services

A digitally designed product or service announcement.

When it comes to announcing a new product or service, these compact, yet impactful online platforms offer a multitude of benefits that can take your launch to the next level. Your new product or service deserves its own dedicated space to shine. A microsite provides precisely that, a tailor-made digital hub, designed solely for your announcement.

Showcase creatives ventures

Microsites are great for creatives

Maximise the untapped potential of your music festival, band gig listings, music projects, photographs, and art with a Microsite. Whether you are orchestrating a meticulously crafted event or seeking to showcase your creative talent, a meticulously designed Microsite will cater to your every requirement.

Modular content blocks

Your Microsite's content will be created using a number of pre-designed, reusable customised content blocks. These blocks can be easily created from within your CMS and arranged on the page via drag and drop.

Below we have listed some of the flexible content blocks you could expect to use with a typical microsite.

What are content blocks?

Website content blocks are specific sections or components of a web page that are used to organise and display various types of information. Think of them as pre-styled building blocks, they allow content editors to create dynamic and engaging page layouts. Content blocks are often used to contain text, images, videos, forms, social media feeds, or any other type of content.

Custom modular content

Content blocks provide a modular approach to web design, enabling easy rearrangement and customisation of the page layout and structure. By breaking the page content up into blocks, website editors can enhance user experience by improving readability, highlighting important information, and promoting visual consistency.

Column Graphic

Content columns

Visually improve your page content by placing text, images, video and links etc into columns. More column rows can be added above or below and re-arranged using drag and drop from within the CMS.

Accordion Graphic

Content accordions

Integrate limitless accordions on your page for tidy, organised content display. Use accordions to hide and reveal specific sections, showcase FAQs, profiles, vacancies, and other related content.

Zig Zag Graphic

Zig-zag content

Create a visually engaging sections using 'Zig Zag' layout patterns. Showcase your content with elegant, multirow, two-column arrangements that feature alternating images, videos and text.

Content Grid Graphic

Content grids

Present vertically aligned blocks of content within a responsive grid. Use these blocks of content as eye catching ‘calls to action’ or short summaries linked to external or internal detail pages.

Gallery Graphic

Image galleries

Enhance your microsite with immersive image galleries. Click or tap thumbnails to view larger images in an overlay modal. Engage users with captivating visuals and contextual captions to tell a compelling story.

Page Card Graphic

Page cards

Incorporate rows of captivating teaser cards throughout your page. Enhance your content with these compelling content types, designed to grab attention and serve as irresistible 'calls to action'.

Image Slider Graphic

Image sliders

Revitalise your pages with seamless integration of responsive image sliders. Effortlessly incorporate these captivating visual elements as attention-grabbing 'calls to action' within your main page content.

Generic Content Graphic

Generic page content

Enhance your page content using the versatile general body field. Here, you can add page copy including various multimedia elements such as video, audio, images, links, tables, block-quotes, and Google Maps.

Easy content management

ProcessWire, an easy to use CMS

We recognise the paramount importance of providing you with comprehensive control over your entire microsite, extending beyond just the primary content section.

To accomplish this, we use ProcessWire a robust CMS that empowers you to effortlessly edit and manage nearly every aspect of your site.

Custom fields that align with your structure

By using ProcessWire we can optimise the efficiency of website management. ProcessWire allows us to craft custom fields that precisely align with your microsites structure, functionality, and design. This attention to detail results in a refined and user-friendly admin section that operates with remarkable speed, delivering an unparalleled level of user satisfaction.

ProcessWire Logo
ProcessWire allows us to meticulously craft custom fields that precisely align with your microsites structure, functionality, and design.

Almost zero maintenance

Platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla often need monthly ongoing professional attention to stay safe and secure. This can be very time-consuming, distracting and eat into your annual budget.

ProcessWire eliminates the headache of regular maintenance and updates. Once you launch your ProcessWire site, you can rest easy, knowing that it can operate flawlessly for years without any required maintenance. Unlike other CMS platforms, you can be confident that your site's performance and security remain intact. Updates to the CMS, if ever necessary, will be solely driven by your desire to leverage new features and enhance performance, rather than out of fear of potential security breaches.

Our recommendation is to perform two software updates per year, typically taking just one hour each. By following this simple rule of thumb, you can ensure your ProcessWire site stays up-to-date and optimised.

Example Microsites

  • The Chapel of Unrest

    The Chapel of Unrest

    The Chapel of Unrest

    "The building itself is the focal point of the COU but is not where the story ends. We are also building and formenting a network of creative and great minds and celebrating the radical thinkers, outsiders and misfits who have been proven over and over again to have been on the right side of history."

    View website

  • Annual Report Microsite

    SIH Annual Report 2023

    SIH Annual Report

    This annual report microsite features slide-out navigation with smooth-scroll 'sections jumps', image galleries, financial tables, playable audio files, Google Maps and lots of branded, responsive, interactive graphs. The annual report is updated in-house every year using ProcessWire CMS.

    View live website

  • Conference Microsite

    Conference Microsite

    Conference (demo)

    A conference microsite can offer centralised information, ticket registration and networking opportunities. Enhance attendee experience by providing access to schedules & speaker profiles. Microsites can reflect the event's branding, making it an invaluable tool for conferences.

    View demo website

  • Campaign & appeal Microsite

    Campaign & appeal Microsite

    Campaign & appeal (demo)

    Boost your campaign or latest appeal with an elegant, immersive microsite. A dedicated single-page website will promote your charity's mission, facilitate fundraising, and shows donors the meaningful impact of their contributions through videos and insights.

    View demo website

  • Annual Report Microsite Demo

    Annual Report Microsite

    Annual report (demo)

    An annual report microsite will offer visually appealing layouts, interactive features, and multimedia content like videos, audio, graphs, charts, and infographics. This concise format engages users and effectively communicates complex data and narratives.

    View demo website

Who we are

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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using a microsite for your project get in touch today! Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Support Plans

We also offer optional website support plans.

Optional Monthly Support Features Essential Essential+

Monthly site back-up

Backup of all website files i.e. all your website and CMS files copied from the live server to a local computer and external hard drive.

CMS telephone support

Forgot how to manage a specific section or page on your website, just give us call.

Website hosting monitoring

We will keep an eye on your website and let you know if any issues arise.

Server resources and storage

Let us monitor your bandwith use and disk storage.

Priority, same day support

Give us a call or drop us a line anytime during office hours and we will get back to you the same day.

Monthly content updates

One hour of simple, non-structural website content updates.

SEO advice and support

Ongoing support to help you stay top of search engine results.

CMS upgrade (2 times a year)

Full CMS upgrade, including any 3rd party modules used.

Free website enhancements

Free website enhancements (offered when they become available).
Monthly Cost (no contract or VAT)
£40 per month. £60 per month.