Plan your trading on Forex Market and earn

Determine the trading instrument (s) on which you plan to trade. Various trading tools has its own characteristics and terms of trade. Not all strategies are universal for all instruments: what works on the currency pair EUR / USD, may not work when the gold trade, and vice versa. In addition, brokers trading conditions differ … Continue reading “Plan your trading on Forex Market and earn”

Determine the trading instrument (s) on which you plan to trade. Various trading tools has its own characteristics and terms of trade. Not all strategies are universal for all instruments: what works on the currency pair EUR / USD, may not work when the gold trade, and vice versa. In addition, brokers trading conditions differ for different types of instruments (spread level of leverage, commission, etc.) that must also be taken into account.

Set the rules for risk management. It is necessary to calculate for themselves the possible correlation of profit and loss risks. ( Margin trading allows, how to get a bigger profit with a small deposit, and increases the likelihood of obtaining significant losses. Thus, the need to efficiently use available resources by minimizing risks. Terms of brokerage firms usually offer a minimum amount of input in the market of 0.01 lots that are optimally suited for beginners with a small starting deposit. More about risk management you can read in the article, as well as get acquainted with the relevant literature, available for download on our website.

Set the distance placing pending orders, including the ratio of the distance of Stop Loss and Take Profit, if it is assumed your trading strategy. You must clearly understand how much you are willing to lose in order to earn a certain amount. For example, at a ratio of 1: 3, if Stop Loss installed at a distance of 20 points from the input level market, Take Profit is set to not less than 60 points on the input level (

IMPORTANT! Never carry the Stop Loss level further from the entrance to the market, if the active position shows a negative result, in the hope of a trend reversal. Such manipulations lead to additional losses and are in flagrant violation of self-discipline. Remember that trading is not without losses! To master their emotions trader, read the literature on the psychology of trading.

Before you open any deal, you need to be clear under what conditions you close the position. This item also comes into contact with risk management as well as the obligation to establish the ratio of potential profit and loss risks. It is necessary to take in his trading plan signals that will mark the closing position with a profit or a loss. Trader who are in the open position, possession of different emotions, which may adversely affect the result of the transaction and account balance as a whole.

Micro Businesses in UK


Micro Business with no workers, or between one and nine workers, included 94.6% of all UK companies in 2001, 29% of career and 21.2% of revenues.

Approximately 3.1 thousand individuals were self-employed in 2002, according to Public Trends 33, 2003. An additional 1.35 thousand individuals have some earnings, or failures, from self-employment. Self-employed men exceed females by nearly three to one. The proportion of self-employed in the working population has dropped since 1987.

Around 20% of the UK’s self-employed perform in the construction industry. Between 13% and 14% are involved in diverse company actions, around 7% perform in entertainment, culture and sport, and a further 7% in health and social perform.

Nearly three-quarters of the self-employed had self-employment earnings of less than £15,000 in 2000/2001. UK is fully aware of the problem of low earnings in self-employment and hopes its company managers will help clients to develop their companies and increase their profits.

In Dec 2001, the Competitors Commission reported on economical solutions for company and charged the economical institutions of failing to offer excellent value competitive solutions to businesses. The economical institutions have reacted with improvements to their solutions for company and now provide much better for micro business in UK .


Approximately 1.5 thousand individuals use personal economical records for their company actions, and less of new business owners open a company consideration for their start-up enterprise.

52% of self-employed men and 70% of self-employed females were not in a pension scheme in 2000/2001.

Self-certified and flexible mortgages and balanced out records have dramatically changed the capacity of the self-employed to borrow for their home and office. Specific loans and grants are hard to obtain, especially for new businesses. Government assistance is targeted on deprived regional areas.

Employer’s responsibility, professional responsibility and other protection insurance coverage’s are high-cost because of increasing lawsuits expenses. Liability protect is often excessively expensive for the self-employed in risky careers such as roofing and scaffold. Critical illness protect is costly because of medical advances resulting in increasing durability. Deficiency of affordable insurance policies is a significant hurdle to the creation and expansion of micro businesses.

Invoice finance, which involves considering or bill discounting, has few clients among micro businesses but provides excellent potential for improving income for companies turning over at least £50,000.


Abbey Nationwide provides 100 % free economical for businesses. Partnership & Leicester’s Commercial Standard bank also provides a 100 % free savings consideration. Barclays Clearlybusiness service provides useful information and assistance to new companies. Standard bank of UK  Smartfinance is a relevant balanced out product that cuts the expenses of borrowing. HSBC relies on product scale and reputation and on accessibility to sell somewhat priced company economical. Lloyds TSB provides tiered customization of company economical records. NatWest has the most powerful product in small enterprise economical, but is facing firm competition from the innovative smaller economical institutions, especially Partnership & Leicester and Standard bank of UK.

Insurers items for businesses tend to absence the degree of product power owned and operated by the major economical institutions. Selling insurance coverage items through economical experts and economical institutions tends to damage product identity. Norwich Union’s new “Self employed” package of policies alerts the organization’s intention to provide extensively for micro business.


Royal Standard bank of UK’s NatWest remains the largest marketer of economical solutions to company generally and small enterprise in particular.

HSBC, Standard bank of Scotland and Abbey Nationwide are the other leading promoters to company.

The newly self-employed are not an important focus for banks’ promotion, or for promotion by other financial-services organizations.

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